Timo Baumann

Dr. Timo Baumann, Diplom-Informatiker

Acting professor for machine learning at the Department of Informatics at Universität Hamburg.

I research spoken language, in particular in interactive and multi-modal scenarios, such as in spoken dialogue systems. My particular interests lie in responsiveness in interaction and I have been one of the main drivers of incremental spoken dialogue systems. Beyond that, I create and use corpora of spoken language, such as the Spoken Wikipedia Corpus. Feel free to have a look at my recent projects.

Recent News:

To reach me, try:

  • mail: baumannÄŦinformatik.uni-hamburg.de
  • skype: timobaumann
  • tel: +49 40 42883 2321
  • snail mail:
   Universität Hamburg, FB Informatik
   Dr. Timo Baumann
   Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30
   22527 Hamburg
  • office: F-404, Campus Stellingen, Universität Hamburg
  • consultation hours: please make an appointment by e-mail (see above)

I do speech science and technology consulting. Feel free to contact me at mail@firstnamelastnamewithoutseparation.de .

Former appointments:

Systems Scientist at the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; researcher and instructor in speech processing at Universität Hamburg; research assistant at Bielefeld and Potsdam Universities before that. Various short-term appointments and free-lancing work with industry partners.


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