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This is my ultimate link collection. I know what you say: "I don't want to know about your links, Timo!" Yeah, that is right, but I still have the right to post them here so that the world will know anyways!!


www.tagesschau.de - everyday the latest (German) news
www.spiegel.de - THE German news magazine
www.heise.de/newsticker - every important news of the computer world by the makers of c't -- in German...


ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/highgrave - Alex' HP with many interesting pictures
web.applied.net/gabe - the HP of my hostbrother -- well, he tries (-;
www.fortunecity.com/campus/medicine/143 - Evilyn's place, contains the GHS hate pages
www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/lithium/441 - Thomas is exchangestudent too. The site is not perfect but he has a link to mine, so...


www.hh.schule.de/gydoe - my good old school in Hamburg, Germany
members.aol.com/diezecke97 - the school paper of the year 1997: the one of my school
www.gcss.org - my good new school in Gainesville, Ga. They even got their own webserver, cool, eh?


members.aol.com/reportpfad - the Newspaper of the Pfadfinderbund Nord, Hamburg, the Boyscouting Organization I am in.

International Student Exchange:

www.yfu.org - Youth For Understanding International, the organization I am here with.
www.ef.com - another exchange organization, but look at the .com compared to the .org of YFU...


www.jodi.org - the maybe craziest web-site I have ever seen in my life
www.comedycentral.com - home of South Park!!
fractal.mta.ca - some Gibabytes of fractal movies and images for download


www.webpagesthatsuck.com - cool site about webpage design, funny and helpful
www.hempseed.com - plant some hemp and people will come and look at it... also offers free POP3 email accounts

Free Software:

www.netscape.com - Navigator 4.0 can do all the funny stuff and is not as freaky as:
www.microsoft.com - Internet Explorer 4.0 und 3.02, the latter the better choice
www.jasc.com - home of Paint Shop Pro und JASC Image Robot
www.winzip.com - useful Windows95 packer and unpacker


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