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I am Timo. I am 17 years old and normally live in Hamburg, Germany but right now I live in Gainesville, Georgia, because I am exchange student for a year. I go to school here and it is really pretty cool. My hobbies are playing piano and guitar, singing and everything else about music. I also love computers. I program for 5 years now. I started out with AmigaBASIC, then when we got a PC I started Pascal. Right now I am learning Java and also know my way around C++. Oh yeah, also I try some HTML.

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About this homepage:

Recently I got a book into my hands: Webpages that Suck! It is about webpage design and really quite interesting. Especially what it has to say about personal homepages. It says, personal homepages are only for the ego of the person who makes them and don't exist for any other reason. The only people who ever visit personal homepages are friends of the people who write them and the content of such pages is miserable. SO? DO I CARE? No, I obviously don't and still expect other people to visit my page :-) So, if I don't know you, please write in my guest-book (if you know me write in my guestbook too) and tell me how much you hate this page. Thanks. 


P.S. ...and because it is my homepage, I can also advice you to look at it at 800x600 high-color with a java and (more important) javascript enabled browser.

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