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Vocab Quizzes

(c) Timo Baumann, January-May 1998
All rights reserved.
Especially the rights of publishing, translation and public presentation.

I know, in the net nobody cares about copyright but please:
don't give it away without my name and drop me a line if you like it.

Quiz I

   words to use: bellicose, denizen, fraught, hirsute, languid, mendacious, pallid, rapport, sagacious and verbose.

   I am a denizen from another world, coming to a new land. Here, people do not live in rapport. They are hirsute monsters. Their mendacious leaders stir them up to bellicose acts. In the other world live pallid, little people. They live in peace. Their sagacious talks take them a lot of time. They are verbose. They are fraught with harmony. Their little bodies never become languid. That is, because of the love they give one another every day.


   I got a 95 because Ms. Walters couldn't read my handwriting and claimed I misspelled mondacious.

Quiz II

   words to use: castigate, evoke, gambol, immolate, masticated, obfuscate, recant, sequester, transcend and quell.

   Ester saw little birds gamboling in the snow. This evoked thoughts of her childhood in her. When they were young, they often sat in the snow and masticated gum. But these memories were obfuscated now: the priests had started to castigate her. Soon she would be immolated and go to hell.


   I got an 80, I didn't use 4 of her words ;-)

Quiz III

   words to use: maladroit, martinet, vogue, sobriquet, jocund, plaudit, zenith, callow, dipsomaniac and expurgate.

Famous People:

   This is the life of Meredith W. from F. in A.: In her youth she was a very jocund girl. Her father was very martinet, but she had learned to deal with it. In high-school she showed a maladroit behavior, but in such a funny way, that she became a comedian and dropped out of school. She went with the vogue and became a star in comedy shows throughout the country. Soon she reached the zenith of her career and the plaudits were praising her less high. She became a callow dipsomaniac. By the year 1970 she wasn't famous anymore. It is known of her, that her father had a very funny sobriquet for her but we don't know it because she expurgated it from all the letters he wrote to her. She died in December 1976 in her hometown F. in A.


   A hundred! (I doubt that she liked the story though....)

Quiz IV

   words to use: slattern, cogitate, euphonious, atypical, indolence, beneficent, precarious, affable, diffident and loquacious.

Famous People II:

   Eleanor Maria D from NY was born in New York City in 1921. When she was born, her mother, a slattern, cogitated to drown her in a river in Central Park, because she did not want her to have to spend her life in poverty. But she was a little precarious and kept her alive. Eleanor was a very atypical girl. She loved to sing and was very loquacious. A manager of one of the theaters on Broadway discovered her talent, her euphonious voice, when she was 17 on one of his Sunday-walks through Central Park. She soon became a star on the Broadway and played in many musicals because she was so affable. She got a lot of money and lived the rest of her life together with her mother in a penthouse in Manhattan. Not to drown her when she was a baby was definitely beneficent for both of them.


   I didn't underline some of the words. An 80.

Quiz V

   I don't know what words, I didn't keep the quiz. All I remember is that I just wrote down the words and my paragraphs went something like this: "I'm gonna go for a fifty."

   I ended up getting a 45 because I misspelled one of the words ;-(


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