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My Sounds

   Last semester I had a really cool music technology class. We were only 4 students and always worked in pairs on one computer. It was really funny because we always made fun about the themes our teacher gave us. We used Vision for Windows 2.5.1 and Korg X-5 keyboards and so we barely used MIDI sounds. So, the quality of the music is (not only) my fault but also due to the conversion. Here the fruits of so hard labor:

  • Allemein.mid, our first piece. It took the melody of a German children song.

  • Traeume.mid: dreams, no further comment.

  • fuga001.mid, I just hit the record key and played for 9 minutes until the teacher came into the room...

  • Etude.mid is my only piano composition so far. Isn't it beautiful?

   And here, for all of you that got so cool equipment at home,  Blake's and my best piece in Vision2.5.1 format with embeded X-5 sounds(packed):
   Tech9a.zip (14 kb)


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