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My programs

Here you find a very small selection of the programs I created over the last couple of years. I put up some sources too. I don't know if you can learn anything from them, but you might. Everything here is copyrighted by me, but not everything is written by myself: We all know, that every programmer learns his programming from somewhere, be it other people's sources, or examples in books, or the help-files provided with the compiler. I didn't put up a lot of graphics-stuff, because I seem to have lost a pascal-unit, when I came here to the USA, so they don't compile and I still didn't get around reprogramming it. Sorry about that. So, let's get starting:


1998-06-06: sorry, I am leaving the US and I don't know when I will get to put up some great explanations of the programs, but there are the files patriot.pas, tonikus.pas and tp-uhr.pas and also patriot.zip, tonikus.zip and tp-uhr.zip including the source and DOS-executables.



(c) 1998 by Timo Baumann, last updated: