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Dressing Guideline for Courageous People

(c) Timo Baumann, May-June 1997, March 1998
All rights reserved.
Especially the rights of publishing, translation and public presentation.

I know, in the net nobody cares about copyright but please:
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   Dressing well is not a question of money, but of creativity and courage. Though most people only see Tommy Hilfiger and Versace, there are alternative ways of dressing. These ways are usually cheaper and often more unique. It is also fun to develop an own style. This guideline in the hands of little children helps them, to increase their creativity and to build a strong personality.

   The first place to get a cheap dress is the nearest Wal-Mart or Target. There, one can find the needed article in a very short time. If one does not mind wearing last year's fashion – which is quite unique, nobody else wears it anymore – then one can find, for example, a T-shirt as cheap as two dollars. Jeans ($6.99) and shoes ($5.99) complete the looking. Women can add earrings ($45.99), and men could buy a unique, handmade scarf ($8.99). This makes just $68.37 for women or $26.48 for men, both including tax. That is, indeed, cheap.

   For good handcrafters, this is another great source: Buying cloth and producing your own clothing is cheap and fun. After a little practice in sewing and knitting, you will have a great time in making your own fashion. When wearing clothes that reflect your own ideas and that fit you perfectly, your dressing will look outstanding. Many essays and books already exist for further reading on this topic.

   After all, cloth has been already used more than 2000 years for dressing and it might be interesting to start something new. Alternative materials will make the clothing of the future. Newspapers, for example, are not only good to make funny looking hats, but it is also possible to make T-shirts, pants, even socks, using modern glue. This clothing looks interesting. One will never be bored, wearing it. Sweaters made of potato peels are one of the very new inventions, and they were the hits on this year's fashion parades in Paris and Rome. Cook 30 pounds of small potatoes. Peel the potatoes and start to weave what other people would buy for hundreds of dollars! Twenty-five pounds of potatoes cost $12.99 at Wal-Mart.

   The most interesting aspect of modern fashion is its variety. There is an unimageably big world of ways to dress and to look good. Everybody is invited to use and expand his creativity. People having problems in this area, can just ask their children to get hundreds of new ideas. Since the way fashion is going nowadays is not an expensive one, everybody is invited to follow. Maybe we will soon live in a world in which everybody dresses his way and people tolerate and love one another.


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