Why B. can't always see the moon...

Someday, someone (let's call her B.) asked me, why she couldn't always see the moon.
B., I bet you can figure it out with such great help!

noon, new moon  

It is noon, sometime in June, B. stands in the sun and can't see the moon.

Twelve hours later, B. is awefully tired but she still can't see the moon because it is the wrong time of the month, were you can't ever see the moon. By the way: It's day now in Japan and Germany.

midnight, new moon
midnight, 1/3 moon

Some night, ten days later, B. looks out of her window again and sees the moon! That's because the moon has rotated around the earth. B. is happy!!

Next morning, on the way to school, B. tells her friend Y. that she had seen the moon last night and Y. says: "Duh! Blondie, look up to the sky, you can still see it, it's not below the horizon yet!" B. says: "I KNEW that!!"

morning, 1/3 moon


Ok, that's all. The earth takes about 24 hours to rotate, the moon need about 30 days (a moonth) to rotate around the earth. By the way: both moon, earth AND B. also rotate around the sun and that takes about one year or 365 days or 12 months or 8760 hours. Also there are times when the moon is in front of the sun and it gets dark in the middle of the day and there are times when the earth comes in front of the moon and the moon is invisible, even though it is the right time of the month and it is night! Everything clear now?



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P.S: Isn't it sad, that I just sit down and do this? I must be very bored!!

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